With NCP Payments Export you can process your banking transactions paperless and conveniently. The App increases your liquidity and reduces your costs. 

 With the NCP Payments Export App, you carry out payment transactions quickly, easily, user-friendly and in line with national and international standards based on ISO 20022.

 The data exchange between customer and bank and within the Austrian bank takes place with standardised XML messages ISO PAIN 20022 SEPA SCT, SEPA SDD CORE and SEPA SDD B2B . The international standardisation of payment transfer messages is an ongoing process. ISO 20022 (UNIFI (UNIversal Financial Industry message scheme)) is the basis for the standardisation process.

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Microsoft AppSource

Information about NCP Payments

NCPE Payments Export - Setup (EN)

NCPE Payments Export - Demo (EN)

Banking transaction paperless and easy to handle:

  • interface between your accounting and your electronic banking
  • fast, simple, user-friendly
  • for payment transaction throughout the entire euro payment area (SEPA and non-SEPA)

    Payments with all SEPA member states

    With NCP Payments you create and import all common payment file formats:

    All SEPA member states(European Union plus Switzerland, Monaco, Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway)

    • XML SEPA SCT (for creditors and debitors)
    • XML SEPA SDD CORE (for debitors)
    • XML SEPA SDD B2B (for debitors)

    NC Payments Import

    By using the NCP Payments Import app your bank account statements can be imported directly from your banking software into your Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central solution. The diagnosis of open postings can be difficult and time consuming, even for specialist. NCP Payments Import supports you and lend a hand to find the right payment for your open lines.

    Two types of decision systems are available:

    •  Sharp - The system searches for the exact value of the document number of the customer ledger entry and the payment.
    • Fuzzy - The system first searches for the exact value of the customer ledger entry and the payment, if nothing is found, the system has the capability of recognizing, representing, manipulating, interpreting, and utilising payment data like the document number and information that are vague and lack certainty.

      NCPI Payments Import - Setup (EN)

      NCPI Payments Import - Demo (EN)

      Your advantages

      Clear overview over your entire financial situation

      National and international standards

      Time and cost savings due to automated processes

      Optimal interface to banks

      User-friendly menu navigation

      International availability

      Highest Security

      Available for all versions of Microsoft Dynamics

      System requirements: Microsoft Dynamics Business Central Version 16 or higher